How to Unlock Gold Dragon Mythic Path in Pathfinder: WotR

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Here is how to unlock Gold Dragon Mythic Path in Pathfinder: WotR.

Pathfinder: War of the Righteous is a RPG game published by Owlcat Games, in which players will explore a world warring against demons. They will have to make choices with real consequences, and some of those choices can lead to interesting new powers or skills. Dragons also play a large part in this game, whether a player plans to hunt one down, or play as one. The Gold Dragon Mythic Path gives players to ability to harness the power of a dragon through a quest. This is a multi-step process, but will be worth the time spent on it in the end.

How to Unlock Gold Dragon Mythic Path in Pathfinder: WotR

Players will early on in the game find themselves in the caves of Kenebras. In these caverns, the player must pick up the Terendev's Scale item. In a later cave, known as Leper's Smile, Terendev's Claw is also able to be found. This item will be needed as well.

Eventually, player will meet the NPC known as Storyteller. This NPC is essential to the main quest so players will come across him. Hand him the items collected earlier at two separate occasions. They cannot be handed in together. After he receives both items, players will be able to go to Terendev's Lair. Inside, there will be a dragon known as Hal. Follow all of Hal's orders, as if the player attacks Hal or does something he says not to, the Gold Dragon Mythic Path will be unachievable.

At a later time, the player will meet Hal once again. If the player listened to Hal in the first instance, and again chooses to be kind to him upon meeting again, players will then have the ability to unlock and use the Gold Dragon Mythic Path for themselves.