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How to Unlock Hammer and Sickle in Warzone and Cold War

Photo courtesy of Activision

Melee weapons are one of the most fun cosmetic items in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. While their designs inject some fresh spice and variety into the game, so do the new melee animations that the weapons introduce.

Cold War and Warzone players alike will soon have their chance to experience a new designs and animation when a new, dual-wield melee weapon drops with the Hammer and Sickle. Here's how players can unlock the new Call of Duty melee weapon.

How to Unlock Hammer and Sickle in Warzone and Cold War

The Hammer and Sickle dual-wield melee weapons is not yet available and will be released in Season 6, Activision has confirmed. As a result, there is no information yet about how players can unlock the Hammer and Sickle.

While no confirmed release date has been unveiled, Activision has confirmed that the new melee weapon will be available in both Warzone and Cold War and will release soon after Season 6's The Haunting event.

The Haunting event will begin on Oct. 19, but an end date for the event is not yet confirmed and no other details about the event are circulating yet. Undoubtedly, Activision will continue to tease The Haunting event in the two weeks leading up to it.

Activision also confirmed it will update the Call of Duty blog on the day before the event's launch, Oct. 18, with more information about the event. Players can monitor The Haunting event's Call of Duty blog page here.

Players will just have to wait to find out more information on the Hammer and Sickle melee weapon until Activision decides to release it. When it comes to Call of Duty, patience really is a virtue.