How to Unlock More Courses in Two Point Campus

Image Courtesy of SEGA

Want to unlock more courses in Two Point Campus to reach your full academic potential? Read more to find out how you can achieve your higher learning goals.

Two Point Campus is a business simulation game that allows players to design, build, and run their own university. Players compete to achieve higher campus levels, which in turn make their university more attractive to incoming classes of freshmen. To increase your campus level, players need to add buildings, cater to student needs, train staff, and importantly, add more and varied courses.

How to Unlock More Courses in Two Point Campus

To unlock more courses in Two Point Campus, the player must first make it beyond the default science major. At the close of each academic year (which passes relatively quickly within the game), players are able to navigate to the 'Manage Courses' section of the menu. Adding courses requires course points, which can be earned by completing levels and other tasks required to run the university. That's right, you get course points just by playing the game!

Don't be too hasty though Dean Gamerson. It's important to only add the courses that your students and faculty can support. Although offering courses might allow you to attract more students and advance in other areas of the game like building, if your students aren't prepared enough to pass the classes you add, your academic performance could suffer. And nobody likes a flunker.