How to Unlock More Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger

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Unlocking more powerful weapons in the rhythm-blasting FPS Metal: Hellsinger is a principal part of the fun. As you scorch your way through the eight Hells in pursuit of vengeance, the artillery at your belt could mean the difference between merely drumming through a level and orchestrating the most metal concert ever.

How to Unlock New Weapons in Metal: Hellsinger

There are six weapons in Metal: Hellsinger, two of which you have access to at the beginning of the game and are always equipped. As you forge through later levels, you are given the choice to equip two more unlocked primary weapons at a time, which can influence the damage you deal and the rhythm you keep. Here are the weapons you can access in your journey and when:

1. Terminus

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The Unknown's Blade is automatically equipped from the start of the game, and deals slashing short-range damage that builds to a powerful smashing attack on the third consecutive on-beat strike.

2. Paz

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Pulse of The Universe is a low damage, long distance weapon unlocked in the game's tutorial. It can be used to lob fireballs at enemies, feed Fury in combat lulls and crystallize enemies with its ultimate attack.

3. Persephone

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Persephone's Queen Death is a short range, pump-action shotgun unlocked in the Voke chapter of Metal: Hellsinger. If fired on-beat, the shotgun blast is capable of striking multiple enemies at once. Queen Death's ultimate unleashes a powerful, linear beam of damage.

4. The Hounds

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Cerberus and Orthrus, a pair of duel-wielded volcanic pistols, are unlocked in the Stygia level. They shoot alternately with precision damage and are best used at mid-to-far range, with damage increased for head shots. Their ultimate spawns a ephemeral clone of the Unknown wielding matching pistols that target enemies for a brief period of time.

5. Vulcan

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Soulbreaker, an enchanted crossbow, is unlocked in Yhelm. Vulcan's weapon fires bolts that explode upon impact and deal area damage. With its ultimate, Soulbreaker lobs a gravitational sphere that pulls in nearby enemies.

6. Hellcrow

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The Traitor Sovereign are a pair of bird-shaped boomerang blades that are unlocked in Incaustis. They deal mid-ranged slicing damage to enemies in their path before bounding back into the player's hand. The Hellcrow's ultimate summons a murder of bird blades that flurry around the player, dealing damage.

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