How to Unlock New Widowmaker Skin in Overwatch

As part of the many cosmetics Overwatch League has released during the June Joust tournament, Widowmaker has yet another new skin. | Photo by Blizzard

Overwatch has just released its newest Widowmaker skin on Wednesday as the game's third skin for her in a few months.

How to Unlock New Widowmaker Skin in Overwatch

As stated on the Overwatch League Twitter, Widowmaker will be given a new legendary skin titled, "Ange De La Mort," as part of a featured skin for the circuit's June Joust tournament. The skin is textured in a black and gray palette adorned with spider-like stylings across the entire outfit for Widowmaker.

The skin is currently released in the item shop in the Overwatch League skins tab of the page. After finding the special edition skins, the Ange de la Mort skin will cost 200 Overwatch League tokens in order to purchase it. As players can buy 100 tokens for $5, it will cost about $10 if players choose to use their own money to buy it.

Those who do not wish to spend any money for the skin can still have a chance to get the skin by watching Overwatch League matches live, in which players will accrue League tokens that can be used for this skin, among others. Watching live Overwatch League matches will gather five tokens for every hour watched.

As opposed to getting the Overwatch League Mercy skin for free during the June Joust, players will have to spend some time in order to gather the appropriate amount of tokens, at least 40 hours of live matches in order to get it without spending a cent. Fans will have to act quick and watch a lot of Overwatch as the Ange de la Mort Widowmaker skin will be in the store until June 21.