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How to Unlock Pride Charm in Dead by Daylight

Image courtesy of Behavior Interactive

An updated 2022 Pride Charm item has made its way into Dead by Daylight, as a part of the 6th Year Anniversary Event announced yesterday, May 3.

The updated 2022 Pride Charm includes the triangle-shaped stripes from the left side of the typical Pride flag that contain the Trans Pride colors as well as the black and brown stripes which symbolize the specific issues people of color face within the LGBTQIA+ community. Last year, the Pride Charm came out during June, Pride Month, as a part of the Dead by Daylight's Pride event, featuring charity streams, donations, and limited-time events and emotes. With the new charm being made available before Pride Month this year, it might indicate that an even bigger Dead by Daylight Pride event is in store for players this year.

Unlocking the New Dead by Daylight Pride Charm

Unlocking the new Pride Charm in Dead by Daylight is actually very simple. Players simply have to navigate to the in-game store, and input code "PRIDE2022" and they will unlock both the new charm and the old one for them to wear. If you are struggling to find where to input the code, the button that allows you to do that should be in the top-right corner of the store.