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How to Unlock Skyward Sword Slingshot

Photo by Nintendo

How to unlock Skyward Sword's slingshot isn't tremendously difficult, especially for seasoned Legend of Zelda players. For those having trouble, or just eager to plot out their journey, and know where each and every item is. Here's how players can obtain Link's treasured slingshot.

How to Unlock Skyward Sword Slingshot

Bucha gives Link the Slingshot after the hero helps find the missing Kikwis. Faron Woods is the first place Link visits when he arrives on the Surface, so players can expect to acquire the Slingshot fairly early in the game. Right after he receives the Slingshot, Link can now advance into the Deep Woods and into the Skyview Temple, continuing the story, so players shouldn't waste any time dilly-dallying. While it might not be everyone's favorite item, the Slingshot is a Zelda classic and has made appearances in Ocarina of Time, Oracle of Seasons, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword.

Later in the game, players can upgrade the slingshot into the Scattershot, a more powerful version that can fire multiple shots at once. You can upgrade at the Scrap Shop in Skyloft, using 2 Dusk Relics, 2 Amber Relics, and 3 Jelly Blobs.

With this Skyward Sword Remake announced back in February 2021, plenty of fans are thrilled they can play through this beloved entry in the series. And with some Breath of the Wild sequel news recently during the Nintendo Direct for E3 2021, the Zelda fandom is definitely excited for the future, whatever it may bring.