How to Unlock Stadium Doors in Warzone: Keycards and Codes Revealed

Image courtesy of Activision

Here's how to unlock the remaining Stadium doors in Warzone, and where to find the necessary keycards.

After a few doors were unlocked, players have finally had a chance to have a look inside the Stadium in Warzone. While this certainly satisfied a degree of curiosity, a number of doors remained locked, requiring a code in order to be opened. The codes can be found by collecting three keycards, ad using them to unlock their designed door.

Each door that players open gets them one step closer to unlocking the final door. Each code offers up a piece of the final puzzle. To help you out, we've comprised a list of locations for the keycards, alongwith how to use the codes to unlock the doors.

Warzone Stadium Keycard Locations

First, you'll need to know where to find the three keycards. The keycards will always spawn inside the Stadium, with each card appearing on a certain level. The first two characters of the keycard will give you an idea of where to start looking. The three keycards are: P216, CL19, and EL21. You'll find the cards on the following levels:

  • P2 - Parking Level Two
  • CL - Concourse Level
  • EL - Executive Level

Be on the lookout for enemy players who are also on the hunt for the keycards. If they find it before you do, you'll need to wait until the next match or steal it from them after knocking them down.

Each keycard will correspond to the door on that level. EL21 opens the door on the Executive Level, for example. Unlock the door and collect the loot inside. Be sure to check the monitor in the room as this will display the codes you'll need to unlock the final door.

How to Use the Warzone Stadium Codes

You'll need to collect the codes from each of the three locked rooms. You might want to write it down somewhere - in your phone notes or with a trusty pen and paper. Sadly, the codes are different each game, so there's no set code that will work in every match. You'll have to put in the work here.

After noting down all three codes, which will be a mixture of letters and numbers, you'll need to work out what the letters mean. Each letter (or symbol) represents a number. To work out the full numerical code, you'll need to compare all three codes and work out which number each letter represents. The more codes you've collected, the easier it'll be to solve the final code.

Once you've worked out the code, input the new numerical code at the final locked door on the second floor of the Stadium. Inside, you'll find the Enigma CR56 AMAX blueprint.