How to Unlock Tales of the Exile Achievement in World of Warcraft

Courtesy of Blizzard / Screenshot: @haughtychicken

Want to unlock Tales of the Exile achievement in World of Warcraft? Here's everything you need to know.

With Patch 9.2 well underway and players adventuring through Zereth Mortis, one question remains at the front of most players' minds: How can I fly in the new zone? In past expansions when a new zone is added, the ability to fly remained locked behind reputation grinds. However, Patch 9.2 did away with all that rep farm nonsense and made flying relatively simple to obtain.

To unlock flying in Zereth Mortis, players simply need to complete the Tales of the Exile achievement. The achievement is fairly simple to complete and should take players around 30 minutes if you know where you're going.

How to Unlock Tales of the Exile Achievement in World of Warcraft

The achievement is completed by looting Firim Exile Scrolls found around the zone. While some are in tricky locations, many of the eight required pages are in simple locations. The design of the achievement brings players to each end of the map, promoting players to fully explore the region.

Firim Exile Scroll Locations:

  • Scroll 1 - On the main path, east of the Forge of Afterlives
  • Scroll 2 - A bit south of the first Scroll location
  • Scroll 3 - north of first location, ascend the mountains
  • Scroll 4 - directly south of the Forge of Afterlives, on the main path
  • Scroll 5 - in the clearing in the Exile's Hollow's mountains
  • Scroll 6 - north-east Zereth Mortis on the far east clearing of the Dread Portal
  • Scroll 7 - in the cave just south of the sixth location
  • Scroll 8 - in the cave at the southern most point of Exile's Hollow

After finding each Scroll, players will complete the achievement and be able to summon flying mounts in Zereth Mortis.