How to Unlock the Accelerator Takeover Perk in NBA 2K23: Current Gen and Next Gen

Image courtesy of 2K

Looking to unlock the Accelerator perk to boost your Takeover bar in NBA 2K23? Here's how to do it.

In the wake of NBA 2K23's release, many players have jumped on the grind to find the best perks to give them the upper hand in matches. The Accelerator perk, which increases the speed the Takeover bar fills when performing well on the court, is highly useful for building the bar quickly and strategically deploying the Takeover move to dominate tense games.

How to Unlock the Accelerator Perk in NBA 2K23

Unlike some other perks in NBA 2K23, there are two steps to unlocking the Accelerator on current-gen consoles and an extra hoop to jump through for next-gen players.

First, you'll need to unlock the Mamba Mentality special.

For next-gen players, completing the weekly challenge Ricky Stat Challenge Y is a prerequisite to unlocking this badge.

To earn the Mamba Mentality special on Current Gen, you'll have to complete the "Onward and Upward!" mission from Pippa at the Silver Deck Promenade. From there, you'll be prompted to train with Samuel at the Gatorade Training Facility, and later compete in a 1v1 MyCourt basketball game against Pippa after speaking with Tomas near the Trips. The Mamba Mentality special will be your reward, along with one Gatorade Boost.

Next, to unlock the Accelerator perk itself, find Sam at the Silver Deck and complete two objective missions for him before accepting the “Slaying Sam’s Smack Talk" objective, which will reward you with the Accelerator perk upon completion.

Voila! You now have access to one of the most coveted perks in NBA 2K23, which can give you the ability to turn the tables quickly in particularly difficult matches.

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