How to Unlock the Championship Cup in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Let's a goal!
Let's a goal! / Image courtesy of Nintendo

Looking to unlock everything available in Mario Strikers: Battle League? You'll want to know how to access the Championship Cup.

Mario Strikers: Battle League is Nintendo's latest entry into the Mario Strikers series. This entry marks the first installment since 2007's Mario Strikers Charged. The game follows a 5v5 soccer format, utilizing abilities, attacks, and general over-the-top gameplay. Realism isn't on the table with this one.

Players pick their team consisting of iconic Mario characters each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Players can also pick their outfits and equipment to further round-out the team. Players start out with five Cup Battles available: Cannon, Chain, Turbo, Muscle, and Trick Cups. But there's also one more: the Championship Cup.

How to Unlock the Championship Cup in Mario Strikers: Battle League

To unlock the Championship Cup in Mario Strikers: Battle League, players simply have to win all five Cup Battles. We say simply, but in each Cup you'll face-off against teams with special attributes.

Winning the Championship Cup is no walk in the park, either. During this, you'll come face-to-face with best AI team that can be conjured. Should the Championship Cup prove to be no match for your soccer skills, then be sure to try out all of the Cups on Galactic Mode.