How to Unlock the Invert Throw Permanent Skill in Sifu

Photo via Sloclap

Learning skills in Sifu is incredibly important to gameplay and learning more allows the players to become more powerful while fighting enemies within the game.

Sifu, released in 2022, is a martial arts game that requires the player to learn to fight in a fast-paced setting.

Not only can the player learn the usual punches and kicks, but there are also special unlockable skills that will only make their moves more powerful.

Here's everything that we know about learning the Invert Throw skill permanently.

How to Unlock the Invert Throw Permanent Skill in Sifu

The Invert Throw skill is very important while playing Sifu. In short, it allows the player to switch places to get away from enemies, land a hit, and immediately dodge towards them.

So, the player inverts positions to avoid damage.

To unlock the Invert Throw skill permanently, players have to purchase that skill 5 separate times. Once they've bought their skills 5 times, that skill can be kept in their roster forever.

Thankfully, progress in purchasing skills is kept whether the player resets the run or dies. So, theoretically, players can purchase stocks in permanently keeping a skill 3 times in one run and then 2 times in another and it'll count as a full purchase.