How to Unlock the Shadow Pinion in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors
Vampire Survivors / Photo courtesy of Poncle Games

Players are wondering how to get the Shadow Pinion in Vampire Survivors.

As a starting weapon in Vampire Survivors, the Shadow Pinion has many effects and features that can be useful within your game. Throughout the game, it shoots out projectiles that can be aimed in multiple directions. Even though it is a starting weapon, you might not know how to unlock it. Don't fret - we have a guide for you.

Here's how to unlock the Shadow Pinion in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: How to Get Shadow Pinion

The Shadow Pinion is Concetta Caciotta's starting weapon. To unlock it, you need to survive 15 minutes with this character.

This weapon can be evolved using Wings to become Valkyrie Turner. Shadow Pinion's maximum level is eight, while its Rarity is 50. The effects of this weapon include scaling with both stat bonuses and movement speed. Its general damage is 10, while its highest damage is 25. It has a six second cooldown and can't be blocked by walls.

A two second Hitbox Delay occurs when using this weapon, so it is impossible to inflict damage on the same target more than every two seconds. A few targets can be damaged more often, though, as active delays are reset whenever one is over.

At its maximum level, Shadow Pinion has increased capabilities. These include 15 Base Damage, an added 1.5 seconds to Duration, and 1 added Amount for projectiles.

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