How to Unlock the Snap Kick Permanent Skill in Sifu

"Engage Attack with important forward movement."
"Engage Attack with important forward movement." / Image courtesy of Sloclap

How to permanently unlock the Snap Kick skill in Sifu is something that many players are wondering about at the moment now that the Kung Fu action game has finally been released.

Aside from using basic attacks, dodges, blocks, and parrying, Sifu invites players to unlock and add new skills to their repertoires to give them some situational advantages.

For those looking to have one of the most crucial skills in their back pocket at all times, especially early on, here's a breakdown of how to permanently unlock the Snap Kick skill in Sifu.

How to Unlock the Snap Kick Permanent Skill in Sifu

In Sifu, players earn XP by taking out enemies and advancing through levels, which can ultimately be used to unlock skills in the skill tree.

An interesting twist with Sifu is that the game does feature a roguelike-style persistent progression system in that although all skills are reset once a player's playthrough hits "game over," there is also a way to eventually make all skills a permanent fixture on a loadout.

The way to do this is by buying a skill a total of five times after temporarily unlocking it, plus any time you have to temporarily unlock it in a new run. Although it doesn't have to be done all on a single run, you do have to unlock a skill again before you can start working on its permanent unlock purchases again.

In the case of the Snap Kick skill, players will need to spend a minimum of 500 XP to temporarily unlock it at least once, and 5x 500 XP (2,500 XP total) to permanently unlock it.

Ultimately, the Snap Kick skill is one that players should unlock early if possible as it allows you to run up to a target and give them a free kick to the waist which staggers them and opens them up for another window of opportunity.