How to Unlock Toastie in Vampire Survivors

"So much potential."
"So much potential." / Image courtesy of poncle

Wondering how to unlock Toastie in Vampire Survivors? We've got you covered.

In Vampire Survivors, Toastie is one of the newest hidden playable characters players can unlock that pays homage to the classic Mortal Kombat 2 easter egg, where a person randomly pops up on the screen and yells "Toasty!" Here's a breakdown of how to Unlock Toastie in Vampire Survivors.

Toastie Unlock Guide

First off, to unlock Toastie, players will have to be playing as another hidden playable character named Exdash Exiviiq.

To unlock Exdash, players must load up the game, not clicking on anything or pressing any buttons, then type "x-x1viiq" at the title screen as quickly as possible. After entering the button sequence on your keyboard, you should hear a unique sound signifying the code has been entered correctly. Once done, Exdash Exiviiq should show up as an option in the Character Selection screen.

Now, as Exdash, head to the Dairy Plant stage.

Once there, players will need to defeat "Green Death," a secret elite unit also known as Stalker that sometime spawns on Dairy Plant:

  • 0 minute: 1% chance to spawn
  • 8 minutes: 30% chance to spawn
  • 12 minutes: 30% chance to spawn

Once you've felled Green Death, Toastie will pop up for a brief moment on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen with an audio queue that sounds like "Panini."

Once that happens, you must hit "Down Arrow" and "Enter" simultaneously on your keyboard. Keep in mind that the S key (for WASD players) does not count. If you’ve timed it properly, some music will begin playing and Toastie will be unlocked.

Toastie starts with the Peachone weapon and gains more Luck, Max Health and Armor at certain levels. Toastie’s starting stats include:

  • -99 Max Health
  • -10% Might
  • -10% MoveSpeed
  • -50% Speed
  • -10% Duration
  • +10% Cooldown
  • +100% Luck

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