How to Use Armor Plates When Sprinting in Warzone 2


One of the more common gripes that players hopping into Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 have had so far has been the nerf to sprinting while using armor plates.

In addition to this, Infinity Ward has slowed down the game in many other departments, such as making reloaded canceling more precise and removing slide canceling from the game altogether. As such, here's a breakdown of how to use armor plates while sprinting in Warzone 2.

How to Use Armor Plates When Sprinting in Warzone 2

As mentioned earlier, you can't really sprint right away or slide cancel while plating up in Warzone 2. Instead, the game will force you to walk for a bit, which makes it much harder to go unpunished after taking on a fight.

Ultimately, the workaround does seem to be to jump while putting on your first plate, as after doing so, you will be able to run away for the last two plates. This has been shared by content creators such as nahvitron. Other players do seem to be claiming that you are able to run after putting your first plate in regardless, however, so feel free to try this out for yourself to see if it helps.

Of course, an important setting to turn on when it comes to plating up, in general, is changing your Armor Plate Behavior to Apply All as it makes the process much shorter.

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