How to Use Aura of Resonance Elixirs in Lost Ark

Lost Ark
Lost Ark / Photo Courtesy of Smilegate RPG

Lost Ark players are trying to find and utilize the Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixirs.

YouTube user DrybearGamers created an elaborate video on the ins and outs of the Aura of Resonance. It can be used to enter Chaos Dungeons, which can reward you with extraordinary items to use throughout the game.

You can obtain the five Recovery Elixirs by logging into the game ten days in a row and redeeming it in your login bonuses. This item does have a time limit on it, so once you collect it, you have seven days to use the item.

Now that you have the Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixirs, how do you use them? We have created a guide to help you out.

Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixirs: How to Use

After you have the potion, it is recommended that you use it as late as you possibly can. When consumed, it will provide you with 50 Aura of Resonance, which allows you to go to a Chaos Dungeon again to get more rewards. You can use these anytime within the seven day period.

Being a higher tier, as well as having a higher level in the dungeons, will benefit you when using this. You'll get better and more rewards from dungeons if you are a higher tier and level. Waiting to use the Aura of Resonance Recovery Elixirs can benefit you, as you can enter the Chaos Dungeon multiple times at the highest tier possible. If you wait, just remember to use them before time runs out.

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