How to Use Guardian Shields in Fortnite

Epic Games

Guardian Shields have arrived in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1. Here's where to find them and how to use them effectively.

With Fortnite Chapter 4 now well underway, players have been tasked with getting to grips with a variety of new features. From new weapons, such as the Thunder Shotgun and Ex-Caliber Rifle, to new locations and POIs, players need to learn the lay of the land fast if they want to secure Victory Royales.

But a new defensive item has entered into play — the Guardian Shield.

This item allows players to deploy a protective barrier in front of themselves, blocking any incoming damage for you and your squad. What makes the Guardian Shield stand out from past shield items is the ability to use it while moving, keeping you mobile and protected at the same time.

Where to Find a Guardian Shield in Fortnite

Guardian Shields are a little trickier to find than your regular loot. These items can be collected from Oathbound Chests, which only spawn in areas covered in yellow grass.

Get out of the lush hills and into the autumnal forests near Anvil Square or The Citadel for the best chances of stumbling across one.

How to Use the Guardian Shield in Fortnite

Using the Guardian Shield is pretty straightforward. With the item equipped in your inventory and hold down the shoot button as you would for any weapon or item, e.g. R2 on PlayStation.

The Guardian Shield can also be aimed and thrown, similar to the Chug Splash.

The Guardian Shield only lasts for a limited time, so using them to effectively block shots until your opponent has to reload is a great way to gain the upper hand in a firefight. If you're in a duo or squad, these items become even more effective as your teammate can shoot through the barrier while remaining covered.