How to Use Kinetic Feeder Hop-Up in Apex Legends

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

The Kinetic Feeder fixes the main weaknesses of the Peacekeeper and the Triple Take. Both weapons have had their spotlight in the sun, dominating certain metas, but both have been nerfed to the ground.

That doesn't mean they are useless as both can be used in certain scenarios. The reality is that the Kinetic Feeder sounds impressive. The Kinetic Feeder hop-up automatically reloads the weapon while sliding, making mobility and aggressive play a priority. And the weakness of the Peacekeeper was its reload time. That's all changed with this one addition.

How to Use Kinetic Feeder Hop-Up in Apex Legends

On top of the reload, the hopper also decreases the charge time of both weapons. Meaning the main weakness of the Triple Take is also nullified. It's hard to imagine either weapon not topping the charts with this hop-up, which means it's either a calculated risk by Respawn Entertainment or they're going to make the hop-up extremely rare. The latter solution doesn't do much as anyone who does find the hop-up would have an advantage, making it a balance nightmare.

Nothing is for certain and Respawn may have a short leash on the hop-up, but expect the Peacekeeper and Triple Take to be popular.