How to Use Loba's Broken Tactical to Your Advantage

Photo Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Since she was added to Apex Legends, Loba has always been a popular legend. Her ultimate is perfect for her and her squad to get the best gear available and her tactical is a great tool to escape or gain an advantage over an opponent.

The issue that has been plaguing Loba players is that her Jump Drive Bracelet has not been teleporting her. This has been an issue since the start of Season 13. For a while now, players have been begging for a fix and devs had said they are working on it. But players are still waiting for that fix.

Generally, Loba players have been hurt by the broken Jump Drive until one player, Reddit user u/Srivo10, posted a video of his Jump Drive Bracelet not working. Srivo10 had managed to work his way until his squad was top two. Shortly after his teammates' game crashed, leaving Srivo10 in a one-on-two situation.

After winning the first gunfight, Srivo10 attempted to teleport away to safety so he could heal. But, Loba's tactical chose not to work. With a weak Srivo10 and an opponent left alive, the opponent turned to shoot at where the Jump Drive Bracelet was landing. The opponent had no clue that the ability was not going to work.

Due to the broken teleport, the opponent was left with his back to Srivo10. Srivo10 had an open chance and took it. Eliminating the last opponent and securing the win. A win thanks to Loba's broken ability that tricked an opponent.

A play like this is unlikely to happen often. Take this as an example, Apex Legends Season 13 came out over a month ago and this was the first time we saw a play like this be made due to the broken ability. Hopefully, we will see a fix to Loba in the near future, but for now, we can enjoy the play of Srivo10 and many other Loba players dealing with the broken tactical.