How to Use Rainbow Stones to Prevent Fall Damage in Elden Ring

Image courtesy of FromSoftware

Elden Ring players have discovered a handy trick using Rainbow Stones to help them avoid taking fatal fall damage.

Elden Ring's massive and intricate open world is begging for exploration, and players can use a number of methods to help them traverse the Lands Between. From scaling structures to plunging into chasms, there's all sorts of secrets to be found in the game's many nooks and crannies.

When it comes to cliffs and drops, some of Elden Ring's more confident players will often push their luck when it comes to taking fall damage. The game doesn't inherently tell you just how high you can fall from, leading it up to a player's best judgement. Some lowly Tarnished, however, have discovered a way to use Rainbow Stones to determine just which fall will kill you.

Using Rainbow Stones to Prevent Fall Damage in Elden Ring

As you've progressed through the game, you would have gotten your hands on some Rainbow Stones. Without much practical use in a battle, they've likely been left unused in your inventory. However, players have discovered that dropping one from a certain height, such as off of a cliff, can help indicate whether or not a drop is safe.

Once a stone has been dropped from the cliff, if it breaks when it hits the ground you'll know that the fall will likely kill you. However, should it land safely, it will illuminate as intended, letting players know that it's safe to take the plunge.

While you might think that getting enough Rainbow Stones for your journey could be a pain, they're actually fairly common. Not only can you find them around or purchase them from certain merchants, but should you have the Crafting Kit they'll only require one Ruin Fragment to make.

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