How to Use Replicators in Apex Legends

Photo by Respawn Entertainment

If you see a large bright orange machine in Apex Legends, that's a Replicator, but how do you use it?

Replicators in Apex Legends were first introduced in Season 6 and they are ways that players can access extra resources throughout their game.

How to Use Replicators in Apex Legends

To use a Replicator in Apex Legends, approach the large orange machine that's drilled into the ground. A prompt will appear to interact with the Replicator. Players can use materials found in supply bins or at Material stations and are able to craft materials into loot.

Loot from a Replicator can range from weapon attachments, backpacks and other items like Shield Batteries and Health Kits.

When using a Replicator, crafting takes 10 seconds and other players nearby will get notified if a Replicator is being used. In addition, there are items on rotation, daily and weekly but Health Kits and Shield batteries are permanent items.

Some players even use Replicators to teleport around the map. This is due to a glitch and specifically happens when players choose Revenant and use his Death Totem before using the Replicator. Not much can be done in this glitch as players will be stuck in the purchasing screen from the Replicator.