How to Use Smoke Bombs in Horizon Forbidden West

Photo courtesy Guerrilla Games/Screenshots: Alexandra Hobbs

To use smoke bombs in Horizon Forbidden West is fairly simple and effective. The smoke bomb in this new sequel can help hide the presence of the player, especially if it means escaping a band of enemies. As a beginner wandering through the world, in order to not get killed immediately, the smoke bombs are a nice tool to cover your trail when the battle gets too tough for the player to handle. It can also be quite easy to buy or make these smoke bombs.

How to Use Smoke Bombs in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is the second game to the Horizon series, players will have to face many machines to defeat. As the enemies that a player can come across may become harder to kill, it is very possible that beginner players need a distraction in order to escape from battle. Smoke bombs are perfect for this usage. But before understanding the usage of smoke bombs in Horizon Forbidden West, it is important to know how to get the recipe in order to make them.

Smoke bombs can be acquired without a recipe by buying them from merchants, but instead of swindling your money, it will be much easier to learn the recipe as you progress through the storyline. 

To unlock the smoke bombs recipe, go to the Chainscrape to find an NPC named Erend. Going towards the Daunt Relic Ruin, and heading northwest. Stumbling across Oseram warrior trackers, they will need assistance, as one of the trackers is caught underneath a Bristleback.

Once interacting with these two NPC’s and helping defend the defenseless tracker, you will be thanked by the trackers, who will tell you that their names are Telga and Fendur. After being informed that there has been an increase in Bristlebacks around the community, they will thank you with smoke bombs, which will unlock the recipe.

The materials needed to craft said recipe is:

  • 15x Metal Shards
  • 5x Machine Muscle
  • 4x Blastpaste

In order to use the smoke bombs, players will need to use their directional pad to aim at a enemy and then throw it at their vicinity. By pressing down on the D-pad, enemies will be blinded for a period of time, allowing players to escape and hide.