How to Use the Flare Gun in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Image courtesy of Epic Games

The Flare Gun has been unvaulted in Fortnite. If you're new to this weapon, you might be wondering how to use it.

Fortnite's latest hotfix, v19.0, has added in some new features for players to contend with. Tornadoes and lightning are the new meteorological elements to use to your advantage, allowing you to swirl up for a quick escape or charge yourself with an electrifying boost. But, that's not all that's been added. This latest hotfix has seen the return of Flare Guns, which were previously vaulted in Patch 14.00 back in August 2020.

If this is your first time handling a Flare Gun in Fortnite, you might need some tips on how to make the most of them.

How to Use the Flare Gun in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1

Flare Guns in Fortnite are an interesting weapon as they allow players to deal fire damage. Previously, the only way players could start spreading fires was through the use of Firefly Jars. Now, players can have a little more control overwhere they place their shots.

The Flare Gun will deal 60 damage with an area of effect. From this, the fire will start to spread. The full details for the weapon are as follows:

  • DPS: 33.6
  • Damage: 60
  • Fire Rate: 0.56
  • Magazine Size: 6
  • Reload Time: 1.6
  • Structure Damage: 10-100

These weapons have their own unique ammo, identified by a fire icon. Sadly, the ammo is unobtainable so you'll only have six shots to fire before your Flare Gun is all used up.

Finding a Flare Gun shouldn't be too hard, either. Players will be able to stumble across one as ground loot, in chests, or from supply drops. Keep your eyes peeled.