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How to Use the Ranger Drone in Battlefield 2042

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What breed of dog is that? / Image courtesy of EA

The Ranger is a useful little Support Unit. Here's how to use it in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 is finally here, bringing with it some new features for players to try their hands at. A new tool that players can utilize is the Ranger - an autonomous quadruped assault robot, perfect for detecting enemy players. The Ranger has a number of uses, depending on your situation, and makes for a decent companion as you traverse the map.

Like any tool in Battlefield, learning how best to use it will make all the difference in-game. Here's what you need to know.

How to Use the Ranger Drone in Battlefield 2042

First, you'll need to know how to deploy the Ranger. You'll need to bring up the Ping/Commo Rose wheel which, depending on button mapping, will either be Q on a keyboard or the RB button on a controller. From here, select "Call-Ins Available" at the top of the wheel.

This opens a tab for Utility, Light, and Armored vehicles and drones that can be called to your location. If available, the Ranger can be found under the Utility section. Only four Rangers can be present per team at any one time, so you might have to wait for one to become available.

Once your Ranger has been deployed, it will follow you automatically and engage enemies. The Ranger cannot enter vehicles or follow the player across ziplines. If the player uses these, and moves out of its range, the Ranger will leave the field. You'll be able to issue certain commands to the Ranger via the Ping wheel, these include:

  • Instruct it to go to a location
  • Make it follow you
  • Self-destruct

It will emit certain noises in response to various conditions, such as enemies detected, damage incurred, self-destruct, or approaching its owner. It will remain on the field until destroyed by an enemy, self-destruction, being unable to follow its owner, or if its owner is killed.

Use the Ranger to help locate enemy players, or tell it self-destruct if any opponents get a little too close. This little robot is sure to shake up your matches.