How to Use "This is Rocket League" Quick Chat in Rocket League

How to use "This is Rocket League"
How to use "This is Rocket League" / Image courtesy of Rogue, Psyonix

The Seventh Anniversary of Rocket League was just a few days ago on July 7. To go with it, came a limited-time event and a limited-time game mode.

The game mode accompanying the seventh anniversary is the heat-seeker game mode but in a doubles format.

In addition to the game mode, there are several challenges to complete to earn rewards. One of the challenges involves the quick chat, "This is Rocket League". This quick chat is not seen very often, it is most commonly seen in the pregame of tournaments.

Long-time Rocket League players will immediately recognize where the quick chat comes from. For those who don't know, it comes from the 2018 RLCS, where jstn. scored the tying goal with zero seconds left.

How to Use "This is Rocket League" Quick Chat in Rocket League

"This is Rocket League" is used just like every other quick chat in the game, it all depends on where it is located. Players can choose where they want to put the chat in their collection of chats.

To find the "This is Rocket League" chat, you will have to go to settings, chat, view/change quick chat, and then choose where you want to put "This is Rocket League". The chats will be sorted in alphabetical order.

Players will have to use this quick chat in three different games in order to receive their reward. It is not, use the quick chat three times, it is, use the quick chat in three DIFFERENT online matches.

The reward for completing this challenge is x25 of Rocket Leagues in-game currency to be used in the item shop.