How to Use XL Candies in Pokemon GO

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XL Candies are the latest mechanic vexing Pokemon GO trainers.

Niantic Labs introduced the concept of XL Candies when it increased the trainer level cap from 40 to 50 in late 2020. Currently, it acts as a way to separate normal Pokemon power-ups from those beyond level 40 by making trainers put in a little extra effort.

Below, we’ve outlined exactly how they work and how trainers can take full advantage.

XL Candies in Pokemon GO

XL Candies are tracked on the right side of a Pokémon’s profile, next to their normal candy count. Trainers will likely note the distinction in both name and shape as XL Candies are triangular—instead of round like their counterparts. Functionally, however, when it comes to using them, they work the exact same way.

Much like Mega Energy and normal candy, XL Candies will only work with the Pokemon and/or evolutionary family it to which it corresponds. Each further power-up will require more XL Candy and, of course, Stardust, than before. The total number of XL Candies needed to fully level a Pokemon to 50 is 296.

Currently, trainers can get XL Candies in the following ways:

  • Catching a Pokemon
  • Transfer a Pokemon
  • Exchange 100 regular candies

It should be noted that trainers under level 40 will not recieve XL Candy. However, despite their ease, the first two methods are also not a guaranteed success—even for those appropriately leveled. They carry good chances, but trainers may not always get XL Candy by performing those actions.

XL Rare Candies exist in-game, as well, but are even harder to get.

Suffice to say that getting XL Candies will take quite a bit of time. Trainers have quite the journey ahead if they want to max-out their Pokemon once again.