How to Visit the Apollo Landing Site in Starfield


Obviously the Sol system plays home to the planets in our solar system, but did you know that you can actually visit some historical sites in the game including the Apollo landing site on the Moon?

Starfield has numerous universes for players to explore. Among their travels, players will get to take in the worlds either via missions or their own accord. One of which is the Sol system. Players can travel their on their own, but they'll actually get access to a special landmark to simplify things with some helpful looting.

How to Visit the Apollo Landing Site in Starfield

After players progress far enough to gain access to The Lodge on Jemison, players can go into Matteo's bedroom. On his desk, players can find Sir Livingston's Second Journal. After picking it up, players will get access to a special landmark on the Moon in the Sol system.

Players can open up their map and head to the Sol system to see the landmark on the Moon. Just land there and go check it out!

Full List of Landmarks in Starfield's Sol System

Here's the full list of other landmarks in Starfield in the Sol System:

  • Cairo Landmark - Great Pyramids of Giza
  • London Landmark - Shard Skyscraper
  • New York Landmark - Empire State Building
  • Mars Landmark - Mars Rover
  • Earth Landmark - NASA (completed through main story)

We won't speak too much on the NASA landmark because it is a pivotal point in the game's main questline. But, for the other five listed, feel free to take the time to explore these on your own. As well, there are some fun snowglobes that players can bring back to display on their ship or at home.