How to Watch the TFT Jade Cup

Courtesy of Riot Games

Fans of competitive TFT might be wondering how to watch the upcoming Jade Cup. The event will be streamed on the official TeamfightTactics Twitch channel July 30-31 and Aug. 6-7 at 4 p.m. EDT.

The Jade Cup is the second official competitive TFT event of Set 7: Dragonlands in North America. This event will be played on Patch 12.14. The first event, the Astral Cup, occurred at the start of July and saw BC Socks take home first place. Each event contributes to the overall Qualifier Points Leaderboard, which determines which players get to compete in the Dragonlands Mid-Set Finale and the Dragonlands NA Regional Finals. Players can also get points for the leaderboard by doing well on the Ranked Leaderboard.

How to Watch the TFT Jade Cup

The TFT Jade Cup will be taking place across two weekends, July 30-31 and Aug. 6-7. During the first weekend, 128 players will be cut down to just 64. The final weekend will see the elimination of everyone but the winner, who will receive $2,000 and 45 Qualifier Points.

Viewers can watch the stream on the official TeamfightTactics Twitch channel, or on one of the many top TFT player streams that will be live as well. On those streams, viewers can focus on just one player's run in their pursuit to hoist the Jade Cup.