How to Win Contamination in Splitgate

Photo by 1047 Games

Players are wondering how to win a game of Contamination after it appeared in the Weekly Challenges set in Splitgate.

Contamination is one of the many party modes available in Splitgate. Located under the Rumble section of multiplayer, Contamination plays very similar to Infected game modes in titles like Halo and Call of Duty. Certain players start out as infected and need to take out the survivors. The survivors must hold out for long enough against the growing horde.

Here's everything you need to know about Contamination in Splitgate.

How to Win Contamination in Splitgate

As mentioned, Contamination is basically Infected. Two players start out as infected enemies carrying nothing but BFBs. This is the only weapon they have at their disposal, but they have another edge on the survivors. Infected are the only team that can use portals. The survivors still have access to their jetpacks, but no portals makes mobility tougher.

Survivors have a Carbine with unlimited ammo and a shotgun with limited rounds. Maintaining high ground with safety at your back will be key to outlasting the infected.

Games of Contamination are best-of-three giving each team more than enough time to figure out how to eliminate the opponent. Rounds are secured by either outlasting the Infected or by turning all of the survivors.