Teamfight Tactics has the gaming world's attention after its release in League of Legends Patch 9.13. Now, with a new champion coming to the game alongside the promise of a ranked mode coming soon, there will be a lot of changes coming to Teamfight Tactics that will dictate how the future of the game will be.

There are a lot of big names playing Teamfight Tactics, both coming from other autobattlers and from League of Legends itself. This means a great deal of players that want to become the best Teamfight Tactics player in the world and currently they don't have that opportunity just yet. But, once Riot releases the ranked mode for the game, there will be a definite way to see how you match up against everyone else over the course of many games.

This shift can impact the game's popularity in a positive way or a negative one. Players might see ranked as a reason to improve in their decision making and strive to increase their winrate to become higher ranked. On the other hand, implementing a ranked mode might see casual players leave Teamfight Tactics due to the competitive nature of it over other games in the genre.

There is a lot to be said about the question of Teamfight Tactics, as well as other autobattlers, becoming a competitive esport in the future.

All of these questions will be answered by the general success of implementing a ranked mode and how people take it. It is an exciting time for autobattlers due to their newfound popularity and companies experimenting with the genre.

Cover Image Courtesy of Riot Games