Hullbreaker League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know

Red and Blue minions fight till their death.
Red and Blue minions fight till their death. / courtesy of Riot Games

Hullbreaker is a new item in League of Legends that is currently live on 11.13 PBE.

Riot Games surprises their players with an introduction to a new item on PBE. The current 11.13 PBE has already been going uphill with various changes including a Tham Kench rework and a Ruined King theme map.

Another upcoming change has been made to the list of items. Sanguine Blade will be gone, and a new item, Hullbreaker, will be replacing it.

Hullbreaker League of Legends: Everything You Need to Know

Sanguine Blade has been a relatively unpopular item. Quinn was about the only champion who would take it as a core item. Riot has decided that this item will have to go. Hullbreaker is a new item on 11.13 PBE that will be replacing Sanguine Blade.

Here are some basic information of Hullbreaker.

  • Cost 2800 Gold
  • 50 Attack Damage
  • 400 Health
  • 150% Base Health Regeneration

What is special about the item is that it has a passive called "Boarding Party." While no allied champions are nearby, the player will gain 20 to 45 bonus armor and magic resist, along with 20% increased damage to towers. Nearby large minions will gain 60 to 135 armor and magic resist, and 200% increased damage to towers.

This is the look of a Super Minion who has received the Hullbreaker buffer looks like. You may notice that the minion has a sort of pirate hat on its head.

The description of the item sounds like an excellent item for split pushing, already making it more useful. It is very different from Sanguine Blade that gives attack damage and more attack damage according to stacks.

What Champions are Best forHullbreaker?

Quinn and Valor
Quinn and Valor / courtesy of Riot Games

Hullbreaker is more like a new item rather than a replacement of Sanguine Blade because it is unlikely that Quinn will be using this item. Tryndamere, Renekton and Jax sound like good champions to equip Hullbreaker. Fiora and Yorik could also be considered.

The item also sounds a lot like an item that League of Legends had, named the Banner of Command. Hopefully, Hullbreaker does not create the same kind of chaos that Banner of Command did, and will hopefully last longer with us.

According to the patch schedule released by Riot Games, 11.13 will be coming out June 23, Wednesday.