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Humankind Gameplay: What to Expect

HUMANKIND / Courtesy of Sega

Wondering what to expect from Humankind? Amplitude's upcoming society simulator lets players dive into any era and choose whether to craft alliances or conquer some of the most powerful world powers that have ever existed. Dive in and create your perfect empire and build it up to be the greatest that the world has ever seen.

Humankind Gameplay: What to Expect

Humankind is a game that follows in the footsteps of previous strategy games that preceded it in the past like the Civilization franchise with a few quirky changes to separate it from the pack. The Diplomacy system in the game allows players to manage their relationships with surrounding societies. It's through this system that players build new alliances, strike treaties, and exchange currencies with others in an attempt to build power or destroy their foes. You'll gain religious bonuses in three tiers for being able to spread your nation's dominant religion throughout the map, but that'll prove to be quite the task with over 1,000,000 societies at their disposal.

Humankind is slated to be released on Aug. 21, you can buy it now for pre-purchase on the game's website. The game is currently available in OpenDev on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Go download it and enjoy taking over the world one civilization at a time.