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Hunt for Adler Event Now Live

The Hunt for Adler Event has gone live.
The Hunt for Adler Event has gone live. / Photo courtesy of Activision

A new limited-time event for Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, Hunt for Adler, has gone live. Hunt for Adler was introduced on April 22, during the launch of Season 3.

Season 3 of Warzone brought several changes to the game, including new operators, weapons, gameplay modes, and a brand new map, Verdansk '84. With the newest map, players will be able to explore a variety of new features and points of interest.

According to Raven Software, the current-day version of Verdansk will not be returning to Warzone. The April 21 Nuke Event marked the original Verdansk's permanent departure from the game.

Hunt for Adler Event Now Live

On April 22, Treyarch Studios announced on Twitter that the Hunt for Adler event had gone live. According to the post, players can "squad up, take on challenges for new rewards, and complete a full set in either game to unlock an exclusive Adler Operator Skin."

Tortured and Rescued, the newest skin, features a beaten-up Adler who has just escaped from his captives after being beaten up for intel. The skin's description reads as follows: "fight like hell and escape with Adler's Tortured and Rescued skin."