Hydreigon Pokemon GO: How to Catch, Best Moveset

Who knew this big guy would be so difficult to find?
Who knew this big guy would be so difficult to find? / The Pokémon Company

Hydreigon Pokemon GO is one of the most powerful dragon-types in the game, so it's no wonder trainers are trying to figure out how to catch it.

With a wide pool of moves to choose from and nearly 3700 CP as its maximum, Hydreigon is a force to be reckoned with. It was introduced in Generation V with the implementation of the Unova region and has made its home in trainers' hearts and minds ever since. Its PokeDex number is 635.

Hydreigon Pokemon GO: How to Catch

Are you looking to bring this dark and dragon-type into your home? Here's all the information you need to do so.

Because of its strong nature, Hydreigon is going to be difficult to find. Near impossible, in fact, especially now that the Unova region releases are still fresh. You'll have much better luck looking for its pre-evolved form, Deino, although even this is pretty rare.

Deino, much like other dark-types, will most likely be out during the night time and may be easier to find in urban areas. It can be hatched from 10 km eggs. This is the best way to go about getting your hands on a Zweilous at 25 candies and, finally, Hydreigon at 100 candies.

Hydreigon Pokemon GO Best Moveset

As a dragon-type, the best moveset for Hydreigon is pretty predictable. Trainers will want to stick with the usual standbys of "Dragon Pulse" and "Dragon Breath." With this Pokemon's dual-typing of dark and dragon, dark moves are also acceptable. "Bite" and "Dark Pulse" are at the top of the list for these.

We wouldn't recommend straying from these two types if you're partial to the same-type attack advantage.