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Hyenas Alpha Gameplay Leaked

Image courtesy of Creative Assembly

Alpha gameplay of Creative Assembly's next project, Hyenas, has leaked online.

An hour-long piece of footage from Hyenas alpha back in July has been leaked online. The video, which was uploaded to YouTube, has since been made private. The footage revealed a number of features from the upcoming game, including how to how to heal and revive teammates and the game's character menu, which shows each Hyena kitted out with a primary and secondary weapon.

The game was first announced back in June 22, and is set to be a sci-fi multiplayer FPS by Creatove Assembly and published by SEGA. According to the game's description, players "team up" to "steal priceless pop culture loot from the Mars billionaires and rival crews."

Those that signed up to the game's alpha were asked to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as a requirement for taking part. It's unclear whether Creative Assembly knows the identity of the player who broke the NDA.

At the time of writing, Hyenas' alpha sign-up is still live on the official website, meaning players can sign-up to try out the game in its current state and see it for themselves.