I Love You, Colonel Sanders Characters: Everything You Need to Know

I Love You, Colonel Sanders characters are a colorful bunch. There are nine characters in the game, not counting the player. There are minor spoilers in this list!

I Love You Colonel Sanders Characters

Colonel Sanders

The colonel himself is basically perfect and the object of your passions. Despite not bringing any proper school supplies, he's well loved and adored by the student body. It's unknown how old he's supposed to be.


Miriam is your best friend. She's adorably awkward and was raised by master chef parents.


Aeshleigh is your arch-rival. You're convinced she's evil. She has a shallow personality, and that's reflected in her cooking. She makes visually impressive pieces that are mostly devoid of substance.

Van Van the Man Man

Van is the school bully. He's incredibly vain and wears extremely tight clothes. He picks on Pop a lot. Most likely his name and speaking conventions are a Jojo reference.


Pop is a naive child who somehow attends the school. His real name is "bob," but he reads his name tag upside down. No one knows why or how he's allowed in to take classes.


The Head Instructor and CEO of the University of Cooking School: Academy of Learning. He's a corgi and a master chef.


No one remembers his name, despite having taken the class for three years. He literally dies and haunts you.


Clank is a well loved student at the academy. He's also a literal industrial pressure cooker that has sentience. He speaks only in mechanical whirring. He reminds me of Mechazawa from Cromartie High School.

Spork Monsters

The spork monsters were once students, corrupted by dark magic. They appear as enemies in the game.