I Love You, Colonel Sanders Walkthrough: How to Get True Ending

I Love You, Colonel Sanders walkthrough will help you get the true ending of the advertisement turned dating sim. There will be spoilers in this guide!

I Love You Colonel Sanders Walkthrough: How to Get True Ending

The normal ending of the game has the Colonel ask you to be his business partner. There are a few bad endings where catastrophe strikes (and some where you die).

The true ending of the game is more like a bonus, as the story doesn't have a substantial twist. Here are the dialogue choices you have to pick to get the bonus ending. You'll know you picked the right ones when the Colonel glows with hearts.

Chapter 1

  1. Smack that clock! Up and at ‘em!
  2. You allow yourself to daydream a bit, thinking about the future.
  3. Change the subject to school gossip.
  4. Take the handkerchief
  5. Chicken snack
  6. Sit by Colonel Sanders

Pop Quiz:

  1. Extremely, Looking at you Pops
  2. Feather
  3. A spork
  4. Anything as long as its made with love and not too much salt
  5. He’s a talking dog that teaches at culinary school… he is the BEST BOY!

Chapter 2

  1. Focus your mind and mediate on this moment. Try and identify every flavor.

Chapter 3

  1. Be modest but thoughtful.
  2. Clank
  3. Your grandmother's mashed potatoes and gravy.
  4. Turn to Colonel Sanders, hunk of hunks, in your time of need.

Chapter 4

  1. Attack or Defend (This choice doesn't matter)
  2. Spare this wretched beast.

Chapter 5

  1. Make up a fake ingredient.
  2. Run to him!
  3. Compliment the craftsmanship of the horse's shoes.
  4. Act like you're not interested.
  5. A dog biscuit.

Chapter 6

  1. Step up and tell them, "You're on!"
  2. 100°C.
  3. 11.
  4. Gratitude.
  5. A small town where big dreams are born.
  6. Silence.
  7. (Your choices here don't matter)
  8. Internalize your rage.

Chapter 7

  1. Reveal it.
  2. (Click on whatever you want to learn more about the Colonel)
  3. Click on the glowing door.
  4. You fess up and tell the truth.

Chapter 8

  1. Flatter him.

Chapter 9

  1. Don't do it after all. (The game won't let you forget)
  2. He must be hungry!
  3. Fess up about your practice dish.

Chapter 10

  1. Do it the hard way.
  2. You summon extra power from deep inside yourself.
  3. You can adopt the Spork Monster. This is the secret ending!

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