Ice Throne Fortnite Location and Information

Think it's cold in there?
Think it's cold in there? | Epic Games

The Ice Throne added to Fortnite has been around for a few weeks now, but it still quite difficult to find. It's a rare spot with the potential for great loot and awesome opportunity, so here's a quick guide with all of the information you need to take advantage of this new addition to the Fortnite Battleground.

Fortnite Ice Throne Location

The Ice Throne is one of several new landmark locations added to the game as part of the Winterfest event. The Ice Throne can be found just North of Pleasant Park, so if you're looking to head straight for it, landing there to gear up might not be a bad idea. If you'd rather land right on top of it that works pretty sufficiently as well.

Fortnite Ice Throne: What Is There

Spawns along the Ice Throne itself seem to be rather rare. In fact, it's not very common to find anything more than just an ammo box or two there. These can usually be found just down the stairs from the twin candy canes sticking out of the balcony. While not too great for anything else, the Ice Throne can serve as a great unmarked location to use to find quick ammo and setup for doing other challenges around the more notable landmarks.