Call of Duty

IceMan Isaac Shows Off Underappreciated Shotgun That Could Upset Warzone Meta

Courtesy of Activision

With the current Warzone meta favoring main SMGs and long range rifles, shotguns have been lacking in popularity. Despite this, there are some who claim the superiority of a good old-fashioned scattergun, as opposed to a fancy SMG, or a 50. caliber sniper rifle. In fact, there exists an underused shotgun that has the potential to topple even players who closely follow the current meta.

JAK-12, an Underutilized Weapon

Call of Duty influencer IceMan Isaac has made the rounds recently through his utilization of non-meta weapons. Specifically, he's highlighted how underrated the JAK-12 is.

The JAK-12 is a fully automatic shotgun, based on the real life AA-12, that has a built in magazine of eight shells. The JAK-12 is notable for its ability to deal heavy damage to both operators and vehicles. This makes it a lethal weapon in close quarters combat, with a decently wide spread and full auto capabilities. Despite these pros, the gun is relegated to close quarters only, as a high damage shotgun with full auto capabilities has to be nerfed in the range department, or face rage from players.

As noted by IceMan Isaac, the gun is perfect for any number of opponents, from solos, duos, and trios. As long as the wielder is smart and uses it for a CQC build or as a backup weapon for an LMG, it ranks above quite a few of the meta SMGs in terms of DPS.

This is an interesting situation, as it does show that even the meta isn't always correct, and has some wiggle room regarding what is, and isn't, the best weapon set overall. Just be sure to bring a good, long range pistol with you