Sources: IEM New York 2020 Online to be Announced as Final 'Road to Rio' Stage


ESL has been awarded the next Valve-sponsored "Road to Rio" tournament and it will be announced as IEM New York 2020 Online, according to multiple sources close to the situation. At this time, it is the third and final stage for Major qualification.

Two Road to Rio stages have already been completed, with the first also being hosted by ESL and the latter by cs_summit. The introduction of the multiple stage qualification tournament came as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than one regional qualifier for 16 teams to eventually meet eight legend teams, every team must now qualify via the Road to Rio.

It is expected that the IEM New York will take the place of ESL One New York, which was originally scheduled to take place Sept. 16-17. Each region has a set number of qualification spots: 11 for Europe, five for North America, one for South America, one for Asia, one for Oceania, and five for CIS. Teams will qualify as Legends, Challengers, or Contenders depending on their ranking.

At this time, it is still unclear when or where ESL will hold the Major. The original plan was for it to take place in May, which was then pushed back to November as a result of the pandemic. Multiple sources indicate to DBLTAP that a Major in Brazil is not feasible at this time but no decision as been made yet on how the event would be played instead.

DBLTAP has reached out to ESL for comment.

UPDATE (11:23 p.m. ET): ESL has announced IEM New York to begin Oct. 6.

In the announcement, ESL wrote it would be the final Road to Rio installment for NA and CIS teams, but it did not specify if that was the case for EU.