IiTzTimmy Masterfully Dismantles Competition in Apex Legends During Twitch Rivals

Respawn Entertainment, iiTzTimmy

Apex Legends fans were treated to an impressive squad wipe from iiTzTimmy during Twitch Rivals.

Many esports fans are aware of the massively popular series of Twitch Rivals tournaments and events. Twitch Rivals boasts some of the most recognizable Twitch streamers and has them duke it out in competitions featuring a wide array of titles ranging from Apex Legends to MultiVersus.

Recently, Twitch Rivals hosted an Apex Legends tournament that pitted 20 teams comprised of three content creators against each other in a series of battle royale matches. Amongst the entrants were content creators iiTzTimmy and Aceu. Both are well-known Twitch streamers with over a million followers on their channels. During one of the exhibition matches, these two streamers and their teams crossed paths which led to a memorable moment for Apex Legends fans.

Content Creator Casagaming uploaded iiTzTimmy's impressive bout against Aceu and his team on Youtube in his video titled, " iiTzTimmy Wiped Aceu's Team in Twitch Rivals Tournament | Apex Legends Season 14."

In this video, we can see iiTzTimmy eliminate Aceu and his teammates in an expert fashion. He begins his takedown of the team by defeating C9 Zachmazer and then getting the drop on Retzi immediately afterward. Aceu is able to damage iiTzTimmy but is forced to retreat once his health drops too low. Unfortunately for him, iiTzTimmy is able to track him down and make quick work of him.

This exceptional feat was further elevated by the fact that iiTzTimmy was able to pull all of this off using the Mozambique. The Mozambique is widely considered to be a low-tier weapon in Apex Legends as it often fails to bring much to the table in terms of competitive play. Although both creators played well in the tournament, neither won in the end. Team Hambino24 would go on to place first in the tournament.