Apex Legends

iiTzTimmy Sets New Apex Legends Damage World Record

iiTzTimmy set a new record for damage dealt in a recent stream.
iiTzTimmy set a new record for damage dealt in a recent stream. | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA, via iiTzTimmy

Twitch streamer Timmy "iiTzTimmy" An broke the world record for most damage dealt in a single game Wednesday.

As Apex Legends is a team game with a long time-to-kill, damage dealt is nearly as important a stat as kills collected. If one deals enough damage, not only will they rack up kills of their own, they'll also empower their teammates to finish the job.

IiTzTimmy managed to rack up an astounding 9,069 damage in his game alongside 24 kills. If each player in Apex Legends is worth around 200 health (assuming full health and shields), that 9,000 damage is worth 45 kills in total. That's equal to nearly half the entire lobby of an Apex Legends match.

Dealing this much damage is as much a function of luck as it is skill, as simply running into that many players is unlikely in a single match. IiTzTimmy likely got a boost from players healing themselves and returning to the fight, pumping up his damage dealt stat as they failed to stop him.

For his part, iiTzTimmy was unsatisfied.

"No, I could have gotten the 10K [damage], man. I really could have," he said. Meanwhile, his screen blared the words "YOU ARE THE CHAMPION."