Apex Legends

ImperialHal Believes Legends With No Damage Abilities are 'Trash'

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen shares his thoughts on why Newcastle doesn't work in the current meta of Apex Legends. it should be noted that listening to a pro player or someone in the best tiers, can be deceiving. While their logic makes sense for the upper tiers. Things are completely different down the tiers. Predators play the game completely different and while Gold players try to emulate those in higher tiers, it usually doesn't work because their opponents act differently too.

ImperialHal is pretty straightforward about it.

If your Legend doesn't have a damage-dealing ability, it's probably trash. That would include the newest Legend. Newcastle is built to protect his team which in ImperialHal's opinion is not optimal.

The irony in his statement is current squad has a Horizon and a Mirage, both with no damage-dealing abilities. I'm assuming he believes they're valuable because they have "outplay" abilities and can still be played aggressively. But his wide statement that only damage-dealing abilities are useful is incorrect. Other Legends like Wraith or even Horizon have their place even if they can't deal damage.

The same goes for Newcastle, you can use your ultimate to launch into an enemy squad that is weak or even try splitting up their team. Yes, he is made to be defensive, but just changing your playstyle, allows him to fit closer to the aggressive meta at the higher tiers.

Overall, ImperialHal is correct. Any type of Legend that can increase damage output is going to do better in the professional matches, but don't fret. Your Newcastle during silver matches will do just fine.