ImperialHal Calls Apex Pros Who Refuse to Buy Skins "Cringe"

The "Jadeite Retribution" Peacekeeper skin.
The "Jadeite Retribution" Peacekeeper skin. / Respawn Entertainment

Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has dubbed Apex Legends pros who refuse to purchase skins or Heirlooms "cringe," saying they should "show some support."

Like most free-to-play titles, premium cosmetics is where a game makes its money. Players aren't forced to buy anything to enjoy the gameplay, but many see cosmetics as a neat enhancement on their experience. It also enables a game, like Apex Legends, to turn a profit and keep the lights on.

Issues arise, however, when players begin to feel priced out by certain cosmetics. In the case of Apex Legends, this has been a growing concern amongst players who feel premium skins and Heirlooms have become too expensive and overpriced.

Apex's latest Celestial Sunrise Event was the most recent example, where players were given the chance to unlock a new Reactive Peacekeeper Skin, provided they collected all 24 other event cosmetics first. To do so, players needed to spend around $160 USD. A pretty steep price for some digital skins.

ImperialHal Calls Apex Pros Who Refuse to Buy Skins "Cringe"

In a recent stream, ImperialHal managed to unlock the “Jadeite Retribution” Reactive Peacekeeper Skin, dropping the full $160 on the collection.

The streamer took offense to Apex pros who refuse to buy in-game skins, calling them "cringe" and saying “people whose job is to play the game” should “show some support” for the game and its developers.

He followed by saying that pros “might as well give them 160 bucks” owing to the fact that its because of the developers that these pros have a job. At the same time ImperialHal acknowledged that “Respawn and EA can be not the best,” but that pros should still offer their support.

As for casual players, the streamer noted that it's a different situation. For most of us, $160 is a lot of money to drop on some in-game cosmetics