Apex Legends

ImperialHal Has No Doubt Which Weapon is Dominating the Apex Legends Meta

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has a clear and concise answer on what weapon is absolutely dominating the current meta. It may come as a surprise to some after the weeks of memes about heavy weapons. Most players are carrying duel heavy weapon loadouts rocking any combination of the Spitfire, Flatline, Hemlok, or C.A.R. SMG. Most players were furious the R-301 was put in the Replicator and they joked there would be a long line waiting to craft the weapon, But it's been pretty stale at the moment.

For ImperialHal, it's an entirely different setup. For the Team SoloMid professional player, the Havoc with certain attachments is devastating.

Everyone has experienced a long-to-medium range firefight and has been beamed from an automatic weapon at distance. It's infuriating and shows the skill level of players has only increased, but it could also be players using certain advantages. The Havoc with a Turbocharger and the Savior's buff, can be deadly even at range. Players can take these fights which were usually won by poke weapons, and turn them around in their favor.

Plus, it still can hold it's own at close range. If you're sick of the heavy loadout, and want to try new things. Give the Havoc a go. Just make sure to grab plenty of ammo as players tend to only have heavy when it comes to late-game lobbies.