ImperialHal Shows Off Deadly Controller Aim Assist in Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment, via ImperialHal

Philip ‘ImperialHal’ Dosen has given fans a glimpse at just how much more powerful controller aim assist is in Apex Legends than with mouse and keyboard. In a recent clip, the pro showed off just why he made the switch himself.

It's been a hot debate for some time, with many players arguing between themselves over which is better: controller or mouse and keyboard. Some argue there's minimal difference, others claim that one is more broken than the other. But ImperialHal has proven that controllers might be the way to go in order to wreak the most havoc on the field.

ImperialHal posted a clip to Twitter on Dec. 28 captioned only with the controller emoji. In it, we see him make numerous, accurate shots, most of which are aided by aim assist.

He uses a Wingman and the CAR SMG to deal damage on an approaching Horizon, before taking out the other opponents with ease once they drop down into his view.

It's clear that controllers have a profound use for players who can't quite match the accuracy on a mouse and keyboard.

Players took to the comments under the clip to slam the controller aim assist as "broken" saying, "Since Hal switched to controller, his close range wins increased, and his spray is broken at aim assist range."

Respawn seem unbothered by the state of aim assist, meaning its unlikely that we'll see the feature nerfed any time soon.