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Inamorata Rocket League: Everything You Need to Know

Rocket League's new Inamorata Goal Explosion
Rocket League's new Inamorata Goal Explosion / Photo courtesy of Psyonix/Epic Games

The Inamorata Goal Explosion released last Tuesday, Aug. 3, as a part of Rocket League's newest item series: the Auriga Series. Here's everything players need to know about the bubbly new explosion.

Similar to other items in the Auriga Series, players can unlock the Dingo via two methods: the item shop or Blueprints. By purchasing Inamorata from the item shop, players don't have to wait for a Blueprint. The downside is that the goal explosion is unavailable on the item shop and a release date is not known.

As Psyonix waits to put the Auriga Series up on the item shop, players still have a chance of unlocking the Inamorata through Blueprints. For those who don't know how the Blueprint system works, here's a quick explanation.

How to Unlock the Inamorata in Rocket League

Players have a random chance of obtaining a Blueprint drop after each online match they play. All Blueprints players received are stored in their inventory and don't expire. The lack of an expiration date means that players can craft Blueprints whenever they want, so long as they have the credits necessary.

Many items have multiple Blueprints as one item can have slightly different forms and thus come in Painted, Certified, or Special Edition Blueprints. With these differences comes varying crafting costs, as a regular Blueprint will undoubtedly be cheaper than a Blueprint with a variation.

As for the new Inamorata goal explosion, there are three different types Blueprints: regular, painted, and titanium white. The painted Blueprints come in one of a dozen different colors ranging from Burnt Sienna to Lime to Purple, just to name a few.

The Auriga Series, which the Inamorata is a part of, is the last item series of Rocket League Season Three before Season Four releases on Wednesday, Aug. 11.