Indiana Jones Game Teased By Bethesda

A new Indiana Jones game is on the way from Bethesda and MachineGames.
A new Indiana Jones game is on the way from Bethesda and MachineGames. / Photo courtesy of Bethesda

Bethesda, MachineGames and Lucasfilm Games are working on an Indiana Jones video game, the companies announced Tuesday.

MachineGames will develop the game with Bethesda Game Studios publishing. Todd Howard will executive produce. Platforms, official title, and release timing remain unknown.

The game will tell an original, standalone tale from Indiana Jones' prime. In a brief teaser posted to social media Tuesday, a camera tracks over a desk covered by obscure books with titles like "Forbidden Stones" and "Ancient Circle." The camera passes a map of the Vatican City, a passport with Bethesda's logo inside, a shipping label with the destination Rome, a typewriter bearing MachineGames' name, and a camera with Lucasfilm Games' logo.

John Williams' Indiana Jones score begins to swell as the camera reveals Indiana Jones' hat. Someone offscreen then lifts the hat, revealing Jones' iconic whip. The teaser then fades to black.

Those locations may hint at the game's setting and story, per Lucasfilm Games' announcement.

MachineGames is best known as the studio behind the modern Wolfenstein games. It is currently working on Wolfenstein III in addition to the untitled Indiana Jones game, which is the first game revealed to be made under the new Lucasfilm Games label Disney and Lucasfilm announced Monday.