Indie Mainstay Vlambeer to Shutter

Vlambeer shut down Tuesday, its founders have announced.
Vlambeer shut down Tuesday, its founders have announced. / Courtesy of Vlambeer

Vlambeer, the studio behind indie classics Luftrausers and Nuclear Throne, has shut down on the 10th anniversary of its founding.

Dutch developers Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman founded the studio together in 2010, and now the two have decided to end it on their own terms. Over the years they released several critically acclaimed and popular titles, including Serious Sam spinoff The Random Encounter (2011), mobile game Ridiculous Fishing (2013), innovative shoot 'em up Luftrausers (2014) and the top-down shooter and rogue-lite Nuclear Throne (2015).

"Today marks Vlambeer’s 10th anniversary, which is way longer than we could've ever imagined," the studio wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. "We had a beautiful run, made incredible games, and worked with amazing people, but it is time for new things. So we're announcing the end of Vlambeer."

The studio's last game, ULTRABUGS, will still be released in the near future. The studio will also celebrate its closure with a sale on all its games and the release of an unfinished game titled FFFLOOD.

"Vlambeer would not have been 10% of what it is today without the help and trust and faith and patience of so many people across this past decade," the studio wrote.

Ismail will continue in his role as an industry advocate for independent developers, and plans to develop solo projects, per a Kotaku interview with the two founders. Willem says he will also continue developing games.